Watching The Players 1
Watching The Players 1
November 22, 2020
Alpha Beta Gamer wrote a lovely article about Endlight (we provided an exclusive demo). Unexpectedly, this led to coverage in Japan! This led to some amazing, sometimes surreal "Let's Plays". For your amusement, we've collected some here.

2020-11-08 Hải Lê

Weird: The video is a slideshow of the Alpha Beta Gamer article (translated into Japanese).

Weirder: 2 hours later, they posted the video a second time.. Hải posts these "screenshot" videos many times a day, about many things. Most get few views, some get none.

Weirdest: Hai has 4,000 subscribers. Keep on rocking Hải, even if you're a bot.

2020-11-09 もりこもりこ

"Levitation action game" - nice! We thought players would find "Dots" and "Kansas Sweet" challenging, but No! Instead they're struggling with "Surprise Chat", a bonus level NO-ONE is supposed to die on (player wound up UNDERNEATH the landscape). Thanks to a bug in the mouse controls, the ship is moving too quickly. Super powered zig zagging overwhelms the camera and the feeling of momentum is obliterated.

2020-11-09 Twon82

Quotes from the video say it all:
  • "oooohhooohhhh DAHHHRRHH    oooooooookay"
  • "oh gosh oh gosh what is happening"
  • "this is a game > oh gosh < that's very difficult... and i don't know what's going on OH WAIT there's obstacles now"
  • "this game is really weird, really confusing.     Wowza"
  • "i don't know what i did i got 11 though so ... you know i'll take it i guess uhhhh"
  • "oh like it's so ... aesthetically pleasing i ... i just ... but i don't understand it"
  • "why is this control better than like ... some games that i've played"
  • "like how do you even make a game like this that's what i don't understand. like there's obviously a lot of skill that went into this because there's just so much going on and yet ... like ... it's not laggy or anything like that it's just crazy (laffs)"
  • "all i know is that was cool"

2020-11-10 James Cunningham

James is good - too good. He beat the hardest levels with ease, including the finale. He did die duriung the bonus "Surprise Chat", but that's never supposed to happen. James finished Endlight using only the mouse - notable because a bug greatly reduced mouse speed.

2020-11-16 もりこもりこ

We were taken aback by the constant jolting (blame the stream not the game) and her loud chilling voice. This is my first encounter with a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber).
Himuro VTuber
I believe she's 6 years old, part fox, and lives far up north - then again her legs are bare. Perhaps she's just insane. The video also features a hand continously petting a picture of her forehead. I don't believe anything untoward is going on, at least I hope not.

Himuro breezes through "Dots" and "Kansas Sweet", but yells often - so we're calling it a win. She was able to figure out "Fequency Outside", including inverting the Y axis. Gratuitous text instructions save the day!

If I understood Japanese, I'd likely have some great quotes. Instead, I have only questions ...