Serena McGinley
Our Overlord, and a joy to have around. "I was testing it out, but it was too hard for me."
Emilie McGinley
Em wears half the pants.
Editor. Designer. Aesthetic.
Em is the sole reason we avoided tacky.
Jim McGinley
Jim wears the rest.
The Team I
Troy Morissey
Troy Morissey made all the music early on, and we've been playing catch up since. Multi-talented, Troy runs The Horror Company and makes incredible hot sauce. The real life most interesting man.
Brendan Lynch
Brendan got Endlight onto the iPhone, and helped in all sorts of ways. When not taking incredible photos, he can be found working on his brilliant FindNext, a communal approach to searching.
Joel Goodwin
Joel Goodwin played many builds and provided invaluable feedback on what worked (and more importantly what didn't). He is single handedly keeping the art of game writing alive at the ultra observant Electron Dance. Despite few rewards, Joel actively seeks out and highlights the best indies. Joel stumbled across Endlight while diligently covering the Eurogamer Expo 2013 Indie Games Arcade and hated it!
Jovica Storer
Jovica posted literally thousands of atomospheric sounds to FreeSound (which is where Jim found them). Jovia's work has elevated Endlight's gameplay, and become an indelible part of Endlight's identity. We are grateful for his selfless output.
The Team II
Angelo Yazar
Angelo Yazar completed SEASONS of Endlight before they were great. His insight has improved the game immensely. Bonus: When we needed someone to help demo Endlight, he happily dropped everything to do it. Every game developer needs an Angelo.
Tom Anders
Tom created the brilliant Anders Font. We can no longer envision Endlight without it. Thanks Tom!
Freesound "is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds." We've listened to hundreds of sounds, and often found the perfect fit. An invaluable resource, and we will donate soon (sorry for the delay).
Bonus: It's where we discovered Jovica.
Shoutout: Thanks Creative Commons for keeping everythang legit
Invaluable Players I
Mare Sheppard, Raigan Burns
Mare and Raigan created the world's greated platformer N++. They provided critical feedback, and a stellar font replacement (goodbye Jagged). We incorporated everything they recommended for 3 reasons:
1. They know what they're doing (somehow found Behance)
2. They're so damn nice about it
3. We're not idiots
Michael Todd
Michael played many of the beta builds we posted (without asking!). He knows what works and more importantly what doesn't. Michael's hardcore indie platformer Electronic Super Joy 2 (FREE!) has evolved into an outlandish magnum opus.
Arthur Marris
Arthur answered our call for Android and marketing help, and he delivered too quickly. So quickly we were unable to use his hard work (entirely our fault, his work is stellar). Thanks Arthur (and apologies once again)! You remain the BEST!
Chantell Wilson
Chantell did the song vocals. Aren't they TREMENDOUS?!
Maggie McLean, Dan Miller
Maggie and Dan were co-contributers on the songs. Thanks so much!
Invaluable Players II
Renaud Bédard
Renaud Bédard is a programming genius who built an Oculus version of Endlight - proving it's feasible! We haven't yet capitalized on that code, but... WOW! With friends like this, I want more friends.
Alex Bethke
Alex played, and we thus refined. Couldn't fix everything, BUT WE TRIED! Fact: Alex is an unstoppable game-making-biking-beat-sabering-force. DEAL.
Droqen tried 95% complete Endlight and immediately identified a core problem! Should you find someone with that kind of insight, willing to give the brutal truth, hold them tight and call them Droqen.
Note: You can contract him to do this!
Special Thanks I
Jenny, Saorgus
They've been looking out for Jim for years. Without their ongoing unconditional support, none of this would be possible.
Ester, Tony
Em's parents are the best. Their support and enthusiasm means the world. Without them, none of this would be possible.
David Hayward
David organizes yearly, free indie game showcases! It was an honour to be part of the Eurogamer Expo 2013 Indie Games Arcade, alongside some crazy great stuff: Cloudbuilt, MirrorMoon EP, Skipping Stones, Framed to name a few. Check out our coverage! Trivia: This began our tango with Electron Dance relationship. Thanks David!
We submitted Endlight to the Unity GDC 2018 3D Game Art Challenge - and we were chosen! To be included among those other games was a huge boost. If you registered at GDC 2018, you walked by Endlight playing in the swankiest setting imaginable. A brilliant place to showcase the game, and we received invaluable feedback from many players. Unity also interviewed Em & I, but that's never seen the light of day (maybe for the better?). Fact: Toronto has more coffee shop selection than SanFran! Fact: We were interviewed by Unity.
Special Thanks II
The Hand Eye Society
The Hand Eye Society is an amazing Toronto based orgnanziation, providing many FREE game making initiatives. Extra shoutout to former HES leader Jim Munroe, who has always supported our effots. In Oct 2016, I attended "Building An Audience For Your Game" which was invaluable. Perhaps it's the reason you've heard of Endlight? In Oct 2017, we were humbled by all the great videos at "HumbleBrag" which caused us to UP OUR GAME.
Henry Faber, Jennie Faber
Henry and Jenny are pillars of the Toronto gaming community. In addition to founding the Toronto Media Arts Centre, they run literally hundreds of events a year (most for free). In 2013, I submitted Endlight to the 2nd edition of their video-game-flea-market Bit Bazaar. Just an amazing, inspiring experience - a great atmosphere and unexpectedly great food. How they do it, and continue to do it, I don't know.
TCAF: Comics vs Games
Comics vs Games is an amazing indie game showcase tucked inside TCAF (the Toronto Comic Arts Festival). In 2016, we were selected for the 5th edition and boy howdy was that event impressive. Great people. Great games. Great time. Super thanks to all involved, especially Miguel Sternberg and Sagan Yee
Nick Rudzic
Nick Rudzic has been growing the Montreal indie game scene for years (when not building cute-bizarre-head-puzzle). In 2013, he asked us to showcase Endlight at The Mount-Royal Game Society's annual "Prince Of Arcade"! The results speak for themselves. While MRGS is no more, the memories and motivation remain. Thanks Nick!
Special Thanks III
Owen Goss
Owen: "The game runs smooth as butter on my machine (but it's a pretty new/fast PC)" Sometimes that's all you need to hear. Also, you need to play Owen & Matt's FutureGrind.
Aura Trilio
Aura is likely our biggest cheerleader as evidenced by her tweets! Thanks Aura!
Get Set Games
Get Set Games is the best - and not just because Em works there. When my tiny screen started giving me headaches, they immediately loaned me a rather large monitor which proved definitively why I was getting headaches. I've had that monitor for 3 years and I really need to return it. Thanks Get Set!
Guilherme Töws, bateleur, Stephen L
randomnine, jasper, Farbs
... testing and feedback

Tiago Rabello
... Serena's best friend, who gave us time to work on the game

Shepherd Cameron
... offered lots of help, which we were unable to fully take advantage of

MC Bourdua
... shared some very helpful game business/pr wisdom with us

Ryan Cox
... we must work together

DrinkBox Studios
Brilliant, genuine people and no crunch. No problem with Endlight during Jim's contract.