Jugglin' Controls
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According to many game portals, if you want people to play your game it MUST fully support a mouse. Ignoring their proven success, and to promote carpal tunnel syndrome, Jugglin' is KEYBOARD ONLY. Deal with it, fool. Simply put your hands on Home Row and let your inner Chi flow. For the QWERTY and Chi impaired, and for those too lazy to click the aforementioned links, that means you place your left fingers on 'A S D F' and right fingers on 'J K L ;' and let the vital force inherent in all things circulate through your veins. Important: First remove your hands from your pants. Your left and right hands correspond to the left and right hands you see on the screen. Can't tell the difference? You may have had the world pulled over your eyes.

If this is the first time you've heard the term Home Row, you should instead play Jiglet.

Control Details

Conveniently, while each hand uses different keystrokes, they are both controlled in exactly the same way. To keep things simple (like you), I will describe the controls from the perspective of the decent and law abiding left hand (the right hand is pure evil).

FLow throw a ball in the left hand to the right handJ
DHigh throw a ball in the left hand to the right handK
SCreate a ballL
AToss a ball in the left hand high in the air;
QClear all balls 

Unlike real life, the right hand should know what the left hand is doing.

v1.00 updated 2006-09-29