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1. Download Juggling.zip (~10 MB).
2.Unzip it.
3.Run Jugglin_DirectX_Sound.exe if you have DirectX installed.
Run Jugglin_NoDirectX_NoSound.exe if you don't.

Note #1:   Unlike most windows programs, this game does NOT install / overwrite / change ANY Windows files nor does it modify the registry. Hence, it is safe to install and run the game. It CANNOT harm your windows operating system. You have my word on it.
Note #2:   DirectX is ONLY used for the super awesome sound effects. Hence, if you don't have DirectX, YOU CAN STILL PLAY THE GAME!!! The game still rocks, only it rocks silently.

Jugglin' Doesn't Work
HAH! Welcome to Windows! Jugglin' requires the VB6 sp5 runtime files to work. Most people have these files (they ship with Windows 2000, Windows XP and IE5+). If the game doesn't work, you're really behind the times. Luckily for you, the VB6 sp5 runtime installer (which installs the missing files) is freely available from MicroHard. Click here to download.

Note #1:   Unlike my game, the VB6 sp5 runtime installer modifies core window files AND the registry. Having said that, millions (literally) of people have safely run it without harming their operating system. I myself have successfully run it on at least 150 machines (varying operating systems) without any problems.
Note #2:   There is no uninstall.
Note #3:   If you have Microsoft Visual Studio 6 installed (you probably don't), running the VB6 sp5 installer will affect the distribution of newly compiled VB6 applications. Client machines will now need the VB6 sp5 runtime files to work (the regular VB6 runtime files will not be good enough).

Installin' DirectX
The game requires DirectX 8+ to unleash its sonic thunderstorm. DirectX 7 and the like simply won't do - and don't get me started about OpenGL. Not coincidentally, DirectX 8+ is FREELY available from MicroFlaccid - aren't they NICE!? There are different DirectX installs depending on your operating system.

Choose from the following:

Windows XP   Congratulations! You've already got DirectX 8+!
Windows 2000   DirectX 9.0c: Click here to download.
Windows 98, ME   DirectX 8.1b: Click here to download.
Windows 95      DirectX 8.0a: Click here to download.
Confucius say, "Man with Windows 95 dead on inside."

Note #1:   You can't uninstall DirectX 8+.
Note #2:   You can't downgrade to a lower version of DirectX after installing a newer version. Hence, if some games no longer work after upgrading your DirectX (very unlikely), you'll probably need to restore or reinstall your windows operating system. Consider yourself warned.

Is Jugglin' worth all this trouble?

v1.00 updated 2006-09-29