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The only reason you are here is because you're not convinced Jugglin' is worth downloading and installing. Will a few screenshots change your mind? We're about to find out. Note: I won't try to guilt you into downloading the game simply because it was created with no budget, no help, and in spite of a full time soul consuming job.

ScreenShot #1: Regular GamePlay

Here we see the meat and potatoes of the gameplay. 'Hab Normal' is cooly managing to keep 6 balls in the air. A deft combination of timing, organization, and hand/eye coordination is required to pull this trick off. Little does Hab realize that 15 seconds from now everything will crash (due to a major bug in the code).
ScreenShot #2: Advanced GamePlay

The 'Incredible Bulk' (notice the instant hilarity of switching the H to B) tries desperately to avoid disaster. He may be able to fix the chaos caused by the collision, but it's unlikely. Especially considering he's been programmed to have thick, unusable arms.
ScreenShot #3: Giving Up

Good ol' 'Johnny Wingspan'! He's given up playing properly and has simply started tossing balls randomly into the air to watch the pretty collisions. Great Job Johnny!!! Forget Johnny's pecs (breasts?) for a second and instead check out his JEANS!!! I could go on & on about the detailed texture and normal mapping required to produce them, but that would mean more lies. What isn't a lie is the FULL SCREEN MODE!!! Of course, you probably expected the game to have that option (you ungrateful sonofa... )
ScreenShot #4: Not Gameplay

I now show you... MENUS!!! Look at that!!! How could you NOT be impressed. Let's see... it looks like we have the ability to change controls, and I bet that Video tab allows us to pick resolution. What's this? GAME... there are GAME options!? WOW!!! Offhand, I'd say I can pick the ball I want to use. MOST unexpected, and exciting. These guys have thought of everything!!! The Shape option. Hmmmm... now that sounds intriguing. Perhaps the fact the Juggler appears to be in a SnowGlobe has something to do with it. Let's hope that's not the only secret in the game.

Why do the ScreenShots look so Incredibly Awful?
Don't blame the screenshots for they are incredible. The screenshots were taken with the utmost care by the leading experts in the field (of screenshot taking). The best technology currently available (both software and hardware) was employed. No expense was spared. It's clear even to your untrained eyes that the colors are vibrant, the contrast is delicate, and the lighting is nothing short of awe inspiring. Unfortunately, the exquisite screenshots capture Jugglin' graphics which... suck real bad.
Note: Unlike many other games, seeing Jugglin' in motion does not justify the state of the graphics.

Jugglin' produces the best graphics Windows can provide without using DirectX. This isn't an endorsement of DirectX, but rather a damning indictment of how incredibly slow native Windows graphics are (GDI). Don't blame Microsoft. <rant>Blame mankind and it's need for complete hardware interchangability and backward compatibility. Slow native Windows graphics are the price we all pay for an OS that supports both hardware created 10 years ago in my Dad's garage, and NVidia's latest vunderkind.</rant> Thanks to slow native Windows graphics, if I improved the look, the game would slow down (otherwise known as the dreaded framerate drop). Currently, the game degrades after 10 balls. Imagine what would happen if I added nice background images, bitmapped faces and hot animated babes (aside from the increased sales).

Why didn't I use DirectX?
Considering Jugglin' uses the same graphics engine as Microsoft Office, Jugglin' looks freakin' fantastic!

p.s. When was the last time you saw cel shading in SQL Server?
p.p.s. Still blaming the screenshots? Blame yourself!

Note: The Shape option is the only secret in the game.
v1.00 updated 2006-09-29