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Bigpants is Jim and Emilie McGinley. We share the same last name, because we are married. One of us wears pants... big pants. Bigpants?
Big pants is perhaps best known for our 1990 Comic. It's about a stick man who is happy because he wears big pants. Like all heros, he thrives in the face of no pants.
On March 2013, we're releasing Endlight. Otherwise known as End Light. We're quite proud of Endlight.

We're currently finishing 3D glasses game The Depths To Which I Sink. We are the official site of that wacky 3D red blue glasses Depths game. Anaglyph. Steroscopic. 3D. All good. If you like games that require 3D glasses, you came to the right place.

At GDC 2012, Jim delivered a presentation Inspiration from the Trash. At the Game Developer's Conference 2012 TRS-80, the Trash-80 was fondly remembered and discussed. Title: Inspiration from the Trash: The TRS-80's Lost Game Designs A much shorter, less design centric version was presented at Gamercamp
All our games love you and want to be played.

Endlight End light
- Our foray into the world of iPhone / iPad / Android tilt controls
- light at the end of the tunnel
- Totally not boring

All Ears    October 2009
- Help 4 blind men explore their sorroundings.
- Game created using HTML and Javascript (IE6.0 compliant). I regret everything.
- Created for the Jay Is Games - Casual Gameplay Design Competition # 6.

da Boat    May 2009
- Navigate icebergs in unforgiving seas to find 6 red pixels
  that were never replaced with proper art.
- For reasons unexplained, you can resize the world while remaining the same size.
- Experimental Gameplay at its finest.

The Depths to Which I Sink    November 2008
- created for Gamma 3D
- Smashing... Dodging... Smodging... in the Third Dimension!
- a 3D game that requires 3D glasses (oldschool Red & Blue)
- guaranteed to give you a headache

Hold me closer, Giant Dancer    September 2008
- entry for the TIGSource Demake Competition
- ported the technical powerhouse PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus to the TRS-80 Model III
- I've been sent 25 new creative monsters, will incorporate soon

Goats Amoré    May 2008
- you are a lonely piece of cheese chasing a pogo hopping goat
- it's a non traditional puzzle game inspired by Quarto
- Yup, you guessed it, v2.0 is coming along

Mondrian Provoked    November 2007
- an abstract, artistic game shunned by artists
- it's Nov. 1, 2009, and I'm still working on it. Hope to have a huge release next year.
- arcade version created for The Torontotron

Mario Inna Space    September 2007
- a hard dose of galaxy jumping reality created for the TIGSource B-Game Competition
- I added 100 songs to my personal version, which created an amazing jukebox

Noodle!    May 2007
- liberate the meatballs from their saucy prison, created at the mighty TOJam
- Nick did some amazing new graphics, still need to incorporate them

A Gigantic Pile O' Pants    May 2006
- madly search for your pants in a giant pile of pants
- all you can currently do is toss pants around

Jugglin'    Started January 2003. Still finishing...
- My magnum opus. My white whale. My mirror in the bathroom.
- Even thinking about it blows my mind.
- I love how it turned out, and plan to finish this properly soon
New video!
New screenshots!
IndieCade just posted our Bigpants team video, featuring furry stars.

IndieCade also posted every team video, While I haven't watched them all yet, PewPewPew and Deepak Fights Robots are faves.

Depths is an IndieCade 2011 Finalist!
To celebrate, we've released the Gamercamp demo to the public!
We're honoured our bigpants were chosen, and giddy about attending.
The selections are inspiring and intimidating.

Swords & Sworcery, Ponycorns, Gargoyles, and Depths were all developed in Toronto. Never underestimate the power of smelly water.

At Gamercamp Level2, we demoed Depths right after Swords.

Super HYPERCUBE, a fellow 2008 Gamma3D selection, was also chosen by IndieCade! In addition to anaglyph amazingness, it features head tracking.

In August, IndieCade held their first IndieCade Mobile 3D Game Jam. Coincidence?

Organizing and running TOJam #6.
300 people attended, ate a whole lot of food, and made a whole lot of games. We couldn't be more proud. These photos say it all.

Our exclusive Depths Gamercamp demo is RELEASED!
If you were cool enough to have attended Gamercamp LV2,
then you can play it. If not, you're still cool...
and the full version will be released soonish.

Respect the bird. Follow us on Twitter.
We promise to tweet about our lunch eatings and cats.

This year's plans...
Finish & Release Depths
Team up with GB Game Design Club for Suspension, win IGF 2012
New Bigpants Website - we've got big plans
Create he brought a knife to a gunfight
Finish & Release All Ears
Unity-fy all existing games, unleash them.
Think big pants.

I ate some cookies, this is the result.