Released July 28, 2023 so it's still fresh
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When inspiration strikes, I occasionally update things here. Inspiration... SUDDENLY STRIKES! Marvel at these awesome words from PCGamer. "The deeper I dug into Endlight, though, the more I found it to be a remarkably engaging, surprising, and unexpectedly funny game - and one that I will (probably) never be able to play again." Andy Chalk is the only human who gets Endlight. Maybe you'll join him. Maybe you'll return to TOTK.

Digest this heartfelt Steam Manifesto posted by "l74squirrels" - easily Endlight's greatest fan who we absolutely 100% failed. "Overall, I preferred the game when it was a trance-like endurance challenge of skill, not a mostly easy, repetitive, time wasting, indulgent, sometimes impossible game with all of its best features fragmented and mixed in with a bunch of rubbish." Sorry Squirrels (all 174 of you), hopefully someday someone will create the Endlight of your dreams... and hopefully your filthy gremlin housemate will save you from Voldemore.

Look, you need to buy Endlight. Not only will it be the best game you ever played, it will cure all sickness in your body.

"What's Endlight?"
Only the greatest game ever made. We removed everything that gets in the way of modern gaming enjoyment. Surprisingly, there was still something left. That something was cubes. So. Many. Cubes.

The bulk of the game takes place inside jaw dropping structures. Fly through twisting intricate corridors, smashing where necessary (and it's always necessary). Each level has a custom procedural generator, producing epic yet different results. It's not always fair to you, it's not always fair to the game, but that's what makes it exciting.

1 player
450+ inside levels
50+ outside levels
Surprise Chats

Nothing matters except getting 10 hoops. Easy to say, harder to understand. Once you get 10 hoops, the level ends. It doesn't matter how long you took. It doesn't matter how far you travelled. Get 10 hoops and the level ends. Nothing sweeter than getting 10 hoops in 10 seconds and completing the level. You'll see.

After all that smashing you've earned a break and can finally go outside. You're free to fly anywhere, nothing can harm you. Find 5 hoops at your leisure. Sometimes it's "Where's Waldo".

We also shoehorned in a superfluous narrative. Surprise Chats appear when you least expect, relating the worst story in videogame history. Given the stiff competition (every videogame ever made), this was extremely challenging - but we did it!