Break through and outlast shifting, twisting, chaos
1 Player
30,000 Particles
120,000 Cubes

Fly through surreal landscapes desperately trying to get 15 hoops. It's impossible to dodge everything, so start smashing. You have 10 shields, each hoop adds 1 more. It's not enough.

Releasing late 2020... perhaps later.
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company: bigpants
twitter: misterbigpants
Sept. 9, 2020
Updated the website to this glorius masterpiece. The secret was abusing both the video tag and calc() function (apparently browsers finally comprendo). If you're not able to read this, I'm not sorry.
Sept. 1, 2020
We were selected as an exhibitor at the Indie Game Area of Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online (Sept. 23 - 27)! Both an honour and an incredible opportunity (which we will squander). Check out our sweet TGS page! Can we learn Japanese in time? Nope.

8 of these 80 indies will be chosen for Sense Of Wonder Night. Or perhaps they'll choose Endlight 8 times. Want to win a PS4, Switch or AWESOME T-shirt? Try guessing the 8!